IT data security service is mainly concerned with ensuring adequate protection of the information assets of a company. IT data security can be guaranteed by regular pen-tests, i.e. penetration tests.


These tests are designed to assess the status of applications and network infrastructure. Our qualified specialists will identify, analyze and assess the risk related to vulnerability to cyber-attacks. After the tests, we support in removing found errors. Our tests may include tests of applications, websites and web servers. We also offer security tests for the entire network infrastructure. We are open to cooperate and the scope of the service we provide is each time determined individually.

There are 3 basic types of penetration tests:

  • "black box tests" - our team receives basic data, e.g. the service address.

  • "white box tests" - our team gets full access to documentation, source code, etc.

  • "gray box tests" - the test is a compromise between the two tests mentioned above and contains elements of both methods.